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As a party host, you cannot underestimate the impact of the unexpected and the extraordinary on the mood of your event. If your food is unexpectedly divine, if the entertainment is extraordinarily entertaining, if your mis en scene is C'est si bon - you have yourself a hit.

But seldom do you find creativity and passion applied to the one indispensible ingredient of every party - the beverages!

Thank god for Cool Daddy - devotee of the drink, auteur of the aperitif, liberator of the libation.

Cool Daddy's makes the people happy.
People love us. We can't help it. Few things are as guaranteed to break the ice as Cool Daddy's frozen drinks.

Perhaps it's the novelty. Beer and wine are just so common, that a cool Tropical Breeze is like a breath of fresh air. Perhaps it's the drinks themselves. A Kiwi Margarita simply has more flavor than a California Merlot. Or perhaps it's the whole Cool Daddy's presentation, with colored sugars and salts, edible flowers, skewered cranberries, swirled flavors and more.

Cool Daddy's make you happy.
With Cool Daddy's you know it will be original, fun, easy and guaranteed. Our party planning creativity and expertise is always there if you need it. We can take care of just about every beverage detail, from drop off to setup to bartending to clean up. And Cool Daddy's is a pleasure to work with. We return your calls and quotes promptly, and we keep every promise.

Cool Daddy's goes just about anywhere.
Cool Daddy is the ultimate social chamelion, with a smart beverage creation and witty decorative touch for just about any kind of event.

Throwing a casual backyard barbeque? Load up on the Lime Margaritas or Mississippi Mud Slides. Organizing a wedding? We have a frozen drink for every facet, from the Last Chance Lap Dance to the Wedding Bells to the Nuptial Bliss. Planning an upscale affair? A frozen Blue Blazer is simply a must. Or you could have a little fun and invite The Rude Cosmopolitan.

We even have Kosher mixes and machines!

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