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Meet Cool Daddy and Hot Momma

A baby is born

From the beginning, he was different. In fact, when Sean Dacey was born wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses, doctors knew the word “cool” would soon be redefined.

And they were right.

Growing up

Growing up just outside of Chicago, Sean was the epitome of cool. In fact, legend has it that not only was he always in the top five of kids chosen for teams in P.E., but he was also the undisputed Red Rover champion of his elementary school. Notwithstanding these achievements, Sean was always destined for bigger, better and yes, cooler things.

A decade of cool

In 1990, Sean began working with Fat Tuesday in what would develop into a 10 year partnership. For most of this time, Sean ran Fat Tuesday Flavors, a division that rented frozen drink machines for private parties, festivals, and other events. Sean’s coolness and creativity was evident in this role as he actually developed most of the frozen drink systems that were used for festivals and other high volume events. In 1993, Sean became part-owner of Fat Tuesday Flavors. His proven ability to design drinks and systems for high volume events at Fat Tuesday's was merely a sign of what was to come.

Collegiate Cool

While working at Fat Tuesday, Sean found the time to attend Georgia Tech where, in between designing drinks and drink systems, he earned a degree in Building Construction. Rumors that he wore a construction hat with tassel on it are completely unsubstantiated.

Healing with coolness

A hard worker and true cool-manitarian, Sean wanted to attend medical school with the intent of becoming a doctor and thereby lending his coolness to those in need. But fate was about to intervene in the life of Sean Dacey and things would never be the same again.

Part-time passion

Taking post-graduate classes and working towards medical school, Sean realized he was not following his heart. Being a man of the people, Sean knew he had a responsibility to the public…he had a duty to fulfill…he had to give them the frozen drinks they so desperately craved.

Cool Daddy is born

Sean awoke one morning only to look in the mirror and was amazed by the reflection that stared back at him. Cool Daddy was born. With a feeling of calm fury, Sean accepted his new identity, left medical school behind, and walked into the world, ready to fulfill his destiny as Cool Daddy.

Cool Daddy meets his match

Serving drinks in and around Atlanta, Cool Daddy realized how much people loved his frozen cocktails. But little did Cool Daddy know, another love was about to fall into his life. Enter Cheryl — the only woman cool enough for Cool Daddy. They married and Cheryl soon experienced a magical transformation into Hot Momma.

Cool. Cool. Cool.

Today, Cool Daddy and Hot Momma continue to be the driving force behind Cool Daddy’s Frozen Drink Entertainment. Their dedication to creating unique and delicious frozen drinks, serving crowds of all sizes, and giving people a memorable experience is evident by their presence at weddings, corporate functions, NASCAR races, art and music festivals, and other events where people need the infusion of a little (what else) cool.

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