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From the hordes of hip-shaking young adults at Music Midtown,
to the mellow summer swingers at Chastain Park Amphitheatre, Cool Daddy's frozen drinks have refreshed them all.

We're your affirmative answer to the four big questions on every event planner's mind: Can you help make my event and ME look good? Can you help make my event-goers happy? Can you help my event make money? Can you get the job done?

Looking Good
The Cool Daddy's frozen drink booth always stands out from the rest. We always bring a little something special, like Mardi Gras beads or Festival Hats. Our servers are always well-dressed and friendly. It's no wonder we get invited to some of the swankiest events in town.

(That Cool Daddy himself - he's looking good, too. Why, you would just swear he's another one of those adorable Baldwin Boys.)

Tasting Good
Margaritas. Hurricanes. Low Country Lemonade. Tropical Breezes. There's just nothing else that pleases the people like Cool Daddy's. Beer and wine are great. Why, some of our best friends drink beer and wine. But when is the last time you heard someone walk up to the bar and whisper, "Ooh look… Chardonnay!"

Serving up the Profit
Cool Daddy is no dummy. We've learned a thing or two in our 17+ years in the frozen drink business, including how to make sure profits are in the mix. Very few vendors go as far and think as creatively about getting the product to the people. Our drinks are always a hit. We keep the drinks flowing. We even take it to the crowd with hawkers whenever permitted.

Getting the job done
Each year at Music Midtown, Cool Daddy's serves up thousands of gallons of Hurricanes and CuervoRitas! We've developed a frozen drink delivery system that no other frozen drink company can match.

Cool Daddy, you see, is a logistical genius. He puts that Georgia Tech engineering degree to use quite often, keeping the electricity and water flowing no matter what the challenge.

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